McTeacher’s Nights

McTeacher’s Nights offer McDonald’s the opportunity to support our community through a fundraising event held at our restaurants. Schools, or other organizations such as libraries, fire departments and sports teams, receive a donation based on a percentage of sales that are generated on a specified evening. Principals, teachers, school administrators or organization representatives assist with the event, selling cookies in the lobby, welcoming guests to the restaurant and helping with other assigned duties. McTeacher’s Night is the trademarked names for all of these events and the guide is written with school fundraisers in perspective, however the process and elements involved in a fundraiser for any organization is the same as for McTeacher’s Night.

As your local McDonald’s I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and and your school to participate in a unique event that will increase school spirit and generate considerable excitement in the community, while also raising funds for your school’s needs.

This special evening will give your school the opportunity to raise funds for programs, equipment or any other special projects.

How does it work? While your students, their parents and other school supporters are having a great time dining at McDonald’s, you and your staff are working behind the counter. As a bonus for your staff’s efforts, we will pay your school 10-20% of all sales garnered during the program’s three-hour period. Last year participating many schools raised over $1,000 in one evening.

McDonald’s is committed to education, and as a McDonald’s owner/operator I am also dedicated to making our local communities a better place. I would love to have the opportunity to partner with you and your school for “McTeacher’s Night” at any of my restaurants

Ronald McDonald House

McDias Inc is proud to be part of the Ronald McDonald House charities.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) provides comfort and support to families and children facing serious illness or injury. The Ronald McDonald Houseprovides a “Home Away from Home” for families who must travel to Tucson for medical care.

Tanque Verde Soccer Club Sponsorship

We also sponsor the  Tanque Verde Soccer Club 

“Tanque Verde Soccer Club seeks to contribute to the continued positive development of youth in our community by providing recreational, instructional and competitive soccer opportunities that grow character, sportsmanship, encourage physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, while furthering love for the game of soccer. As well as supporting the development of the student athlete in our community.”